Welcome, adventurers, to Impiltur, the Forgotten Kingdom. After nearly 150+ years, a miracle has awakened the nation to reclaim its lost glory. A seasoned half-elf adventurer, Lord Tolvar Ambrose, has returned from his most recent journey with a sword bearing all the markings of the lost Greatsword of Impiltur, and whats more, it glows within his hand. Now marked as a possible successor to the vacant throne, Lord Ambrose seeks noble adventurers and glory seekers to secure the realm and aid Impiltur in returning to a place of safety and prosperity by joing his Swordpoints: paid mercenary bands under direct control of Impiltur’s military arm, the Warswords.

Danger awaits to those brave enough to sign on with Impiltur, but so do vast riches. Now, in this country that lies just within the lands known among the people Faerun as the Unapproachable East, begin your quest to secure the borders, repel the hordes approaching from north, halt the activities to demonic cults, aid allies of the nation, and rise in personal power amongst a splintered and wary nobility. Welcome to Impiltur!

Rise of the Forgotten Kingdom